Who we are

Our website address is: https://ibtiker.com

We are committed to your privacy when you visit our website and communicate with us electronically. This page describes the face to which you will be using any personal information you provide, or which
We collect it from you while you are on our site.

What type of data is taken?

If you are logged in, you may be asked for the following.
· Your name, email, phone number or one of the necessary data to facilitate access to your advertisement.

What do you use in your data?

Any of your data can be taken for one of the following uses:

· Know your interests to guide you easily and easily.

· To improve the quality of services within the site, we need your interest and participation to help us improve the site.

· Your information helps us to respond effectively and ideally to your request when needed.

Your personal and public personal information from you will not be exchanged, sold, transferred or given to any other party or given to other companies without your personal consent.

· For administrative use (advertising, surveying, or any of the characteristics of the site).

How will we protect your data?

· We carry out various security and privacy measures to protect your personal information.

Registration Privacy:

· The only way to register on Ibtiker website is through direct personal registration through the site and we do not make any indirect registration (eg contact to take personal information or through the literature) and this registration is free.

· Customer Service will only explain and facilitate your use of the Site in addition to the instructions necessary to give you the best possible service for your advertisement or to help you inquire about our advertisements.

Information that is stored on the user’s Browser

Cookies are stored when you are signed in. These files are necessary to identify each user and are removed when the user logs off the site.

Use and share information

All information provided by users is treated in strict confidence and is not sold or shared with any unauthorized third party. Information usage cases


We accept payment through fatora website. When you process payments, some of your data will be passed to an fatora site, including information needed to process or support payment, such as purchase information and overall purchase billing.

Please see the Fatora Privacy Policy for more details.

We accept payments through PayPal. When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to PayPal, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.

Please see the PayPal Privacy Policy for more details.

Contact us

· If you have questions or any objections to our privacy policy, please contact us by e-mail at info@ibtiker.com

Approval of the Privacy Statement

By using the Site you agree to this privacy statement. We update this statement from time to time, so please review the Privacy Statement page regularly to stay informed about updates.

Last modified: 1/8/2019